Could a dog be “the one” for you this Valentine’s Day? If you're a New Yorker, signs point to "yes."

Big Heart Pet Brands, the makers of Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni and Milo’s Kitchen treats, surveyed 3,000 dog parents to find out how Americans show their pups affection.

From the results, Big Heart created a list of the top 25 dog-loving states. Unsurprisingly, New York was ranked number two on their list, following closely behind California.

While it’s clear New York pup owners will be sharing the love with their four-legged friends this Valentine’s, Big Heart found that 39 percent of the surveyed unmarried women would prefer to spend the romantic holiday with their dog than with their partner.

And just how do they plan on celebrating the heart-themed day? With cookies, kisses and praise, of course. Of the surveyed pet owners, 60 percent admitted they’ll be giving their pup a special treat to show their love.

To help make sure single puppy-loving men and women find their special companion this holiday, Best Friends Animal Society, a national animal welfare organization, has set up an adoption special lowering fees to just $10.

And, according to Big Heart's poll, owning a pet may help you find that special human someone to spend the rest of the year with as well. Nearly 80 percent of men and women said that they find it attractive when the opposite sex shows their pets affection.

If you’re still not convinced to spend this Feb. 14 with your pup, perhaps the Best Friends Animal Society’s list of 14 reasons a dog is “the one” for you will change your mind:

1. They don’t play mind games. You won’t have to worry about them playing hard to get.

2. No social media drama. You won’t find yourself stressing over online relationship statuses.

3. Judgement free zone. Pets will never make you feel bad for being yourself.

4. They’re selfless. No more fighting over who gets the last beer, or the last bite of cake.

5. They're not materialistic. You'll never find yourself stuck with a gold digger.

6. You’ll always have a companion. No matter where you go, or what you’re doing, your dog will always be excited to tag along.

7. Their love is infinite. They will never get bored of you or trade you in for a newer model.

8. They’re carefree. They'll never come home stressed.

9. Go ahead, be a slob! Your dog will love cuddling up in that blanket you were too lazy to pick up off of the floor.

10. Technology is not an issue. You won’t have to worry about who they’re texting or bug them about putting the phone away at dinner.

11. They’re cheap dates. No fancy dinners or presents required.

12. Everything they do is adorable. Take snoring, for example.

13. Instant cuddle buddy. They’ll snuggle up anytime you want.

14. Everyday is Valentine’s Day. They’ll show you just how much they love you every day of the year.