To some New Yorkers, there's nothing more romantic than a loving cockroach. At least, so thinks the Bronx Zoo.

Back for its sixth year, the zoo will be hosting its Name a Roach program through Valentine's Day.

The holiday tradition started in 2011, allowing patrons to name Madagascar hissing roaches at the zoo in honor of their sweethearts. Or you know, people they want to stomp on.

For a $10 donation, you can have the honor of naming a roach for your Valentine, and present him or her with an official 'certificate of honor.' And it's all doable online! #CockroachLove

If your sweetheart is more into chocolates, up your donation $25 which includes an insect-free treat from Brooklyn's Nunu Chocolate. 

Your donation will also help "protect these misunderstood love bugs, along with a lot of other animals, both big and small," says the Bronx Zoo. 

The Bronx Zoo aims to "spread the love to all species, big and small, beautiful and damned," which is kind of sweet. 

For the Valentine who has everything, including a good exterminator, this may just be the perfect gift.