Water aerobics has long been a fitness staple. But what about doing kettlebell swings, or cycling, in a pool?

Unique, water-based workouts are popping up at boutique fitness centers and gyms in NYC. As an added bonus, they also have a lower impact on your joints while helping build strength and endurance.

Here are three ways to get in the water.

WTRX at Life Time Athletic at SKY

This class is the “ultimate boot camp in the water,” said Rob Glick, senior director of group fitness, yoga and cycle at Life Time. The fitness center partnered with Speedo Fit to design the aqua workout, which incorporates Speedo gear such as paddles and washboards, which add resistance. Workouts vary, but might have you doing kettlebell swings, pushups out of the pool and split lunges, as well as mountain climbers and planks out of the pool. Starts April 1 on a first-come, first-serve basis, members only (non-members can purchase a guest day pass for $60 to attend a class and use the facility); 605 W. 42nd St., 212-564-1300, lifetimefitness.com

Holy Water at TMPL Gym

Since launching earlier this year, this class has been so popular, it’s been selling out in as little as three minutes. The full-body workout, which incorporates elements of yoga, is done on AquaPhysical’s novel floating exercise mat in the gym’s saltwater pool. Come in regular workout clothes or a swimsuit — since you can expect to get wet. Members only; 355 W. 49th St., 917-521-6666, tmplgym.com

Aquacycling at Aqua Studio

You’ve taken spinning classes in a studio, but what about a pool? This unique aquacycling studio opened in 2013 and offers AQUA classes that focus on power, speed, restoration, or all three. Bring your own water shoes — or rent them for $2 — and get in the 4-foot-deep pool to start pedaling. Since the water acts as resistance, you don’t have to worry about turning any knobs during the class. The studio also recently added “land” classes, focusing on calisthenics toning to complement the AQUA cardio workout. And starting April 1, the studio will launch a brand new AQUA class, Plyo Aquatraining, that’s on and off the bike. $32-$42/class; 78 Franklin St., 212-966-6784, aquastudiony.com