NYC Instagram accounts to follow: @foodbabyny, @humansofny, more

So much to see in the city but so little time.

Luckily, there are plenty of smartphone lenses that are on top of the action. amNewYork filtered through some of the millions of Instagram users in the city and come up with the accounts that are worth checking out.

They range from celebrities and Internet sensations to stores and businesses. Some of the accounts are more selfie than substance, but a lot show off a different filter to the Big Apple.


@NYCArchives: NYC Department of Records. The city’s official record keeping agency doesn’t need a filter for any of its photos. The account has a host of vintage photos from all eras of the city.

@nyhistory: The New-York Historical Society. In addition to posting old photos dating back to Revolutionary times, the non profit also showcases historical documents and items. On occasion they are known to have a little fun with photoshops.

@amnh: American Museum of Natural History: From huge dinosaurs to microscopic organisms, the museum has fun with the Instagram world while providing some interesting factoids. The account also highlights some of the city’s top scientists.

@nytransitmuseum: The New York Transit Museum. The account gives viewers a look at the artifacts from the subway system’s decades of service. It also highlights the women and men who keep the trains running smooth.


@themuseumofmodernart: Museum of Modern Art. MoMA’s Instagram captures the various works and projects going on at its iconic location as well as the people behind them. Sometimes, they’ll include a celebrity or two who pay visits.

@nycballet: New York City Ballet. Along with behind the scenes images of performances, the folks behind the ballet’s Instagram account came up with a creative way to show off their acts. Through careful placement, several posts come together to form a bigger image of a dancer in motion.

@publictheaterny: The Public Theater. The nonprofit that runs Shakespeare in the Park celebrates the theater scene with a variety of multimedia. From photos of productions big and small to the latest news from on and off Broadway, the account is great for stage lovers.


@AstoryofAstoria: A Story of Astoria. Western Queens’s popular neighborhood has plenty of sights and sounds and the team behind this account show it off from all angles. In addition to beautiful sunsets, the account posts news events and profiles.

@Brooklynbotanic: Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Spring is in the air and that means the trees are beginning to bloom. The garden’s staff snap great shots of their flora and some fun candids with visitors.

@nycparks: New York City Parks. The agency posts shots and videos taken by its staff and visitors from the dozens of greenspaces and playgrounds throughout the five boroughs. Vintage media, some dating back to early 20th century, are also published.


@foodbabyny: Food Baby NY. What if someone combined two of the biggest eye-catchers on social media? Foodbaby answered that question by posting pictures of babies posing with the best food items found in the city.

@davidchang: David Chang. The momofuku chef is a heavy user on Instagram. When he’s not taking shots of his menu item, restaurants, or cooking staff, Chang posts random shots of the city and other activities.


@humansofny: Humans of New York. The social media account that took the Internet by storm has its companion handle on Instagram. Brandon Stanton shows the world some of the hardest working, compassionate New Yorkers in artistic portraits along with poignant captions where they share their candid thoughts and memories.

@thedogist: The Dogist. Elias Weiss Friedman took a note from Humans of New York to document the city’s four legged residents. Along with a cute picture of the dog, Friedman includes its information, age and a fun tidbit from its owner.

@hannahbronfman: Hannah Bronfman. The fitness guru, DJ, fashionista, isn’t shy from posting pictures from the ins and outs of her life. From her workout routines, to chic brunches, Bronfman lets her fans into the glamorous side of New York.

And of Course

@amNewYork: amNewYork. Our account posts tons of fun photos and videos related to everything in the Big Apple. Our staff is dedicated to capturing media related to news, fashion, entertainment, food and the occasional Manhattan sunset.

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