How to get your best at-home manicure

Skip the salon and do your nails at home!

As New Yorkers become more aware of the labor conditions in many city nail salons, some may choose to skip the salon all together and go for an at-home mani.

We spoke with Greg Salo, co-founder of Caption Polish for a few tips to make your DIY nail salon successful.


What’s the best way to prepare for a manicure at home?

The best way to prepare for a manicure is to have the right equipment. Prepare yourself with a good hand file, polish remover, lint free wipes, cuticle nipper, orangewood sticks, cuticle oil and nail polish.

Young Nails manufactures incredible tools for manicures. Their rose oil will keep cuticles in tip top shape preventing hang nails from occurring.


Is it possible to give yourself a manicure as well as professionals?

The ultimate luxury is to have a professional do it for you, however, you can get great results with the right technique and application. Preparing your hands for a great polish job is the key. Preparation starts with shortening and straightening length. Next, removing oils and contaminants from the surface of the natural nail will provide great wear.


Is there a special technique to perfectly painting nails?

Good application of nail polish takes balance. Keep your hand flat on a table or surface so you can balance your brush and make perfect polish strokes. I personally like to paint the sides before I finish off in the center of the nail. It gives you the ability to apply streak free without worrying about getting paint on your skin.


If I struggle painting with my non-dominant hand are there any ways to make that easier?

Balance your hands on a table top so you can apply without jitters. It will give you the ability to apply with shaking.


What’s the best way to dry nails quickly?

The key to drying nails quickly is using the right system and applying thin coats. Caption nail polish dries 2-3 times faster then standard nail polish. After your top application, drying drops will accelerate the cure time.


How can I keep nails from chipping?

The key is great preparation. This will ensure that the product will bond well.


What makes Caption Polish different from other nail polish?

Pigmentation, drying time and wear puts Caption in its own league of nail polish. The three-step nail system incorporates the best features of gel polish, resilient shine and superior durability without UV or LED light and time-consuming removal process. Available in seventy-eight shades and top-coat effects, each polish retails for $12 at


It’s cheaper, faster and you know where the labor is coming from (you!) when you’re doing your own nails! Plus, you’ll have a good excuse to use that manicure emoji…

Melissa Kravitz