The NYPD attached a GoPro to K-9 dog Zane to see what a typical day on the job looks like for the German shepherd transit police dog.

The result? A whole lot of tail-wagging cuteness.

The NYPD shared the video to Facebook on Friday. Within hours the clip had more than 60,000 views, 1,800 shares and 140 comments thanking him for his service.

Here’s what a day at work looks like through Zane’s eyes as he patrols the city’s subways:

9 a.m. - Zane scans Grand Central Terminal.

10 a.m. - After a thorough check of the station, he stops to say hello to some Army heroes.

11 a.m. - Zane gives the subway platforms a good two-hour scan. All clear here!

1 p.m. - A little play time never hurt anyone! Zane and his partner stop for some safe fun on a platform.

2 p.m. - What a "ruff" day on the job. It’s time for Zane’s midday nap on the subway.

3 p.m. - He may be a transit police dog, but that doesn't stop him from patrolling the park.

4 p.m. - It's always good to stop and smell the flowers!

5 p.m. - Zane jumps back on the trains for one last safety scan.

6 p.m. - It’s been a hard day on the job, but Zane just shakes, shakes and shakes it off.  

7 p.m. - He moves on to patrol Times Square and says hello to some friendly tourists.

8 p.m. - Zane's shift may be over, but his work is never done. Keeping the city safe is a 24-hour job, even for a K-9.