Queens tourist center to close due to lack of tourists

A lonely tourist center in Queens is reportedly closing its red train car doors for good.

The Redbird Tourist Information Center has received a disappointing lack of interest since it opened in inside of a retired 1950s-era Redbird train in front of the Queens Borough Hall in 2008. In fact, according to a report by the New York Post, the center has had a total of zero outside patrons during its nearly eight-year run. The patrons it has managed to achieve have mostly been Queens residents on jury duty.

Clearly, tourists have not been very enthusiastic about exploring what Queens has to offer. While the closing of the tourist center may give the impression that Queens has cobwebs building up, the borough is in fact all too alive and thriving, with plenty of attractions to rival its sister, the tourist-whale that has become Manhattan.

We’ve compiled a list of just of few of the things that tourists are missing in the borough that no one ever visits. This is how hipsters are made.