Millennials, get ready to chillax and have a bromance with Scrabble -- and take a selfie with the board, of course.

Those are just some of the 5,000 words included in the latest Scarbble dictionary, released Monday by Merriam-Webster.

Other words include unfriend, hashtag, texter, vlog, ockdom, qajaq (kayak), Sudoku, te and geocache (selected after a social-media contest).

The new words won't go into effect until Dec. 1-- and not in time for next week's national tournament in Buffalo.

The new words "go a long way toward bringing us closer to the language as it is currently spoken," North American Scrabble Players Association co-president John Chew told CNN.

It's the first major change to the Scrabble dictionary in nearly a decade.

But the reaction so far seemed a little, um, tepid. "Scrabble is now dead to me," tweeted The Six Seat. "At least Scrabble didn't pick up my least favorite trademark word American Swimmer Ryan Lochte 'Jeah,'" tweeted Michelle.

But there's one word that the younger millennials might not know: mixtape.