Ever walked by a rusty trash can on Carmine St. and thought "Wow, I'd pay $100 for that!"? Neither have we.

Anthropologie put an online exclusive item on sale from $148 to $99.95 this week, which is a pretty good sale, if that item wasn't a glorified garbage bin.

The "West Village Corrugated Can" is an imported corrugated tin can available with mango wood or abaca rope handles, ranging from 17-inches high with a 15-inch diameter to 22-inches high with an 18-inch diameter. At under two feet, it really is the perfect size for a West Village apartment. But, really, $100 for a trash can?  

The corrugated can doesn't necessarily need to hold trash: It can be used for extra storage, decoration or perhaps in a piece of performance art. 

City sanitation expert Benjamin Miller told DNAinfo that this bin is a "design homage to the metal barrels that the entire city, not just the West Village, once used to collect refuse."

Who isn't nostalgic for the refuse collection of decades past?