These boots were absolutely not made for walking.

If you feel like you've already exhausted your summer footwear options, Redneck Boot Sandals are here to help.

The Texas-based company has been making their mash-up shoe since 2012, but the shoes have recently surged in popularity on the Internet.

Redneck Boot Sandals takes whichever pair of boots you hate most, charges $50 to defile them into flip flops and $25 to send them back to you. The entire process takes 1-2 weeks and includes buffing.

"Lot of gals are getting them for weddings and special events," the company posted on their Facebook (BillyBobCowboyBootSandal) page. "We have seen them at the rodeo, lake, beach, dressing and casual occasions."

For New Yorkers, maybe no occasions would be best.