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Hosiery 101: Everything you need to know about hosiery but were afraid to ask

Tights, stockings, pantyhose-- how do you keep your

Tights, stockings, pantyhose-- how do you keep your legs warm? Photo Credit: DKNY

Shorts season has long past and going bare legged with skirts and dresses is starting to test the chilly temperatures. While some NYC ladies may prefer to cozy up in sweats all winter, for others, sweater dress season is in its prime! From convenience store hose to luxury hosiery from Bloomingdale's, there are plenty of ways to try keep legs from freezing. But do we even really know what we're wearing? Pantyhose? Stockings? Tights? What is "hosiery" really? Cathy Volker,  Donna Karan International Executive Vice President of Licensing, helps us out.

How is hosiery made?

Hosiery is made of in a variety of combed and knit deniers (weights) of nylon and Lycra yarns. The right combination creates hosiery that can enhance, smooth, sculpt, shape and sometimes even energize, making you feel longer, leaner and leggier.


What is hosiery made out of?

DKNY and Donna Karan Hosiery combines the latest knitting technology with the most luxurious, innovative yarns to enhance fit, comfort and quality.


What’s the best way to prevent hosiery from tearing?

Wearing the right size will help durability, wear-life and comfort. If you're on the border of the size chart, it is always best to sizeup. This will also help with comfort of movement allowing the product to move with you as you go through your day.  When putting on hosiery, gather into a donut shape and slowly work up the leg.  The sheerer the leg the more fragile the hosiery will be.


Is it possible to fix rips once they start?

If you get a tear, the most important thing is stopping it from running. Simply apply clear nail polish to the edges of the tear to prevent the hole from growing larger and/or running.


What’s the best way to wash and take care of hosiery?

Wash in a hosiery bag, soft cycle and line dry. Never put hosiery in the dryer!


For people who hate wearing hosiery but need to look professional—what styles are best for beginners/hosiery haters?

You can never go wrong with Donna Karan’s Nudes for an authentically barelook with a flawless finish and DKNY’s black opaque tights create a long, lean line!


Beyond nudes and neutrals, what's the best way to wear colorful or patterned hosiery?

It depends on your personal style -- the options are endless. Color, pattern, textures, lace, net, sheer or opaque all are designed to address any occasion, any need, any style.

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