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Sell clothes in NYC: Material Wrld trades labels for gift cards

Trade the clothes you no longer want for

Trade the clothes you no longer want for new clothes! Photo Credit: FLICKR/marcs-album

As the warm weather hits, you're probably digging up items underneath your A/C unit you've forgetten about for the past 9 months.

Those designer flip flops you absolutely needed for the Hamptons weekend that never happened, a sundress that's way too short but you bought on clearance three seasons ago, super old summer clothes that have fun memories but are just not your style any more...

With small closets and ever-changing fashion tastes, many New Yorkers are perpetually cursed with having just too much stuff and not enough space.

Selling clothes and donating unused items is pretty much a necessity, but finding the time to do so can also be a hassle.

Material Wrld, a new online luxury fashion trade-in service turns your splurges, into, well, more splurges, but at least there's some cash involved.

Material Wrld picks up women's clothes, shoes and handbags from a list of 150 designers at your Manhattan home or office, prices the items and in exchange for your used clothes provides gift cards to stores like Bloomingdales, Intermix, Shop Bop and many more to replenish your wardrobe with new, trendier items.

Those not in Manhattan can request a free trade-in kit with included shipping for up to 30 garments.

"It's all about convenience," said Material Wrld's co-founder Jie Zheng.

New Yorkers are perpetually busy, stressed and crowded and Zheng hoped to allievate some of that while working in the fashion world.

Clothes purchased by Material Wrld are sold online or donated, helping garments to stay out of the landfill and live their fashionable lives.

For those who prefer a more personal selling and shopping experience, Material Wrld is holding pop-up trade-in events for immediate gratification. Sell and shop all at once!

Intermix (210 Columbus Ave.), is hosting a trade-in event from Thursday, June 18 - Saturday, June 20th. Bring in all the outcasts of your wardrobe, recieve Intermix gifts cards and shop! 

Being a material girl no longer requires a huge closet.


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