After the $700 heels, maybe there's not much left in the clothing budget?

Sarah Jessica Parker, wearer and purveyor of three-figure SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker shoes, is now the face of Jordache jeans exclusively available at Walmart.

The fall women's collection, which starts at $16.44, features "an updated and contemporary denim... designed for consumers who seek value in style, quality and dependable fits," according to a press release.

Yep, that sounds just like Sarah Jessica Parker.

The new Jordache collection includes the 'Hi-Rise Mom Jean' ($108), a denim trucker jacket ($149) and many more styles we really hope we see SJP wearing as she steps out of her multimillion dollar townhouse.

Well you have to save somewhere.

Perhaps Christian Louboutin will run a stiletto line with Walmart in the near future. Those in the red paint aisle can only hope.