Manhattan - New Yorkers on Tinder are falling in puppy love, literally.

Last week, dogs started to pop up on the popular dating app in the New York City area, and residents are swiping right.

Social Tees Animal Rescue, a no-kill shelter in the East Village, teamed up with The Barn at BBH, an internship program for advertising talents, to launch a campaign to find shelter animals homes on the popular dating app. 

Alexis Mood, a BBH intern and organizer of the project, said Social Tees decided to use Tinder because it has something to offer users.

“Since people are already on Tinder looking for love and companionship, it was only right to try and pair them with dogs that could give them just that,” she said.

The partnership applies the app's dating features to the human-canine relationship, allowing users to arrange a “quick hookup” by becoming a volunteer, a “short-term relationship” by becoming a foster parent or a “long-term commitment” with adoption.

For the dogs to “sign up” on the dating app, Social Tees had to set up 10 separate Facebook accounts for the dogs. Once the organizers created the dogs’ profiles, the hunt for potential matches began.

It didn’t take long for the dogs to make connections. 

The dogs have already received approximately 5,000 matches on Tinder since the July 31 launch, and an adoption application has been submitted for at least one featured pup.

Some dogs are more popular than others. Salt and Pepper, for example, a Chihuahua mix and a Terrier that are being offered together, racked up 500 matches within the first 12 hours of the project, Mood said.

Although the goal is for all the dogs to find permanent homes, the shelter is happy to make the issue of abandoned dogs part of the “cultural conversation.”