Tinkerbelle the dog’s New York Fashion Week adventure

Tinkerbelle’s fabulous New York Fashion Week adventure is guaranteed to make you jealous.

The social media-savvy dog took over our Instagram on Wednesday to share her best NYFW moments before walking in the Rookie USA Kids Rock! fashion show. She has hung out backstage, sat in the front row at some big shows and even showed off her own style on the runway.

This isn’t the Instagram-famous pooch’s first run at NYFW, though. She went backstage with designer Vivienne Hu during her September 2015 show, and walked in the Wag Society show in September 2016, too.

If you don’t have a ticket to NYFW, following along with Tinkerbelle is almost as good as having your own front-row seat.

Below, the best moments from Tink’s Instagram takeover, and some other fun shots from the pup herself.