Gone are the days of kids finding $1 per tooth after a visit from the Tooth Fairy. According to a new survey, New York City parents are doling out an average $13.25 per tooth.

The poll, which was conducted by global health care company Sunstar Gum, found that the Tooth Fairy is giving more money than ever before in Manhattan. Los Angeles is the second-highest tooth market, with an average of $9.69 per tooth. Chicago parents gave an average of $5.85 per tooth, followed by Dallas/Houston at $5.28. Boston came in last, with the average parent granting $5.02 per tooth.

The survey also found that Tooth Fairy dads pay twice as much as their female counterparts. Men reported giving their child an average of $10.98 per tooth, compared with $5.56 per tooth for women. Dads are also now leading the charge in oral care. Thirty-seven percent of dads say that teaching their children about the importance of brushing and flossing is the strongest oral health lesson, compared with 29 percent of moms.

Of all the classic children's holiday heroes, the Tooth Fairy came in second behind Santa Claus, beating out the Easter Bunny, Elf on the Shelf, the Sandman and Jack Frost.