It could have been a scene straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book: An elderly couple meets at the airport and shares a loving embrace.

The man had been patiently waiting at the gate with a bouquet of flowers in hand when a traveler caught the moment the were reunited on video. Chris GQ Perry, who identifies himself as a college graduate and musician on Twitter, shared the video Monday on  his Facebook page.

"This is true love," he wrote.

In the clip, picked up by BuzzFeed News, the couple hugs, kisses and smiles with joy as ahhs from onlookers can be heard.

Before the video ends, he hands her the flowers and a box and they reach in for one more hug.

In just 13 hours, the video has gained more than 6 million views and 300,000 likes, proving that everyone could use a little more love in their lives.