This was one million-dollar idea.

Humans of New York has been making headlines recently thanks to its campaign to raise money for Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville.

Brandon Stanton's photo project has so far raised more than $1.1 million from more than 38,000 donations, with about a week still left before the fundraiser closes on Feb. 10, to help send the school's sixth-grade class on field trips to Harvard University for the next decade.

The campaign, which had an initial goal of $100,000, has been so successful that in addition to funding Harvard visits, the donations will go towards a scholarship fund for graduates of the school.

Stanton turned to the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for the campaign. His, of course, isn't the only education-based idea in the city.

Here are other ways to find the next million-dollar idea and help support a school in need:

Help teachers obtain supplies for their classroom through this school-focused site. According to Adopt-A-Classroom, teachers spend upwards of $1,000 of their own money each year on supplies for students, with items ranging from books to field trips. Search by teacher, school or subject, and 100% of your donation goes to the classroom.

What started as a Facebook app, this online campaigning platform connects people to causes around the world, including in education. Current causes include Kashi's project to increase access to nutrition education and Educade's effort to bring digital games to the classroom.

Find charities and personal causes to donate to through this online fundraising website, from tuition to volunteer projects, as well as find fundraising events like a marathon or walk-a-thon happening near you.

Help public school teachers fund arts and science projects in their classroom, as well as buy school supplies and organize field trips, through this school-focused online charity. Each classroom is vetted by the site, and once the project meets the funding goals the materials are shipped.

Support students, teachers, PTA groups and parents through the education fundraising section of this site, from helping raise money for technology in the classroom, supplies and awards to school clubs and field trips.

Help fund scholarships, study abroad trips, school supplies and more through this personal fundraising website. Campaign formats range from personal donations to charity fundraising to all-or-nothing crowdfunding.

Ioby stands for "in our backyard" and is all about connecting donors with neighbor-funded projects, from classroom gardens to green initiatives, as well as connecting volunteers with the campaigns.

Through this fundraising site geared towards non-profit organizations and charities, you can search more than 1 million registered groups and support school fundraisers for enrichment programs, school supplies and more.

This crowdfunding site helps you to "do good" and support projects by social entrepreneurs and nonprofits through causes in education, as well as children and youth, human rights, arts and culture, community and more.