Wedding band trends: Wood, colored diamonds and more

If you’re looking to make your wedding as unique as you are, don’t forget your rings.

“Marriage itself is being redefined, and so should the rings,” says Lee Tucker, Executive Director of Merchandising at David Yurman.

Beyond your traditional gold bands, unique details and non-traditional materials are “the new norm,” says Tucker. Think tungsten carbide and even non-metals, like wood.

As far as diamonds go, think beyond your standard white. According to De Beers Diamond Jewellers’ Head Designer Hollie Bonneville-Barden, there’s been an uptick of colored diamonds for women. The same can even be said even for men. Rosanne Karmes, founder of Sydney Evan, said that men tend to favor white, yellow or platinum wedding bands with a single thick band, but “if they opt for a more flashy ring, black diamond eternity bands are popular.”

For a non-traditional wedding band, we’ve rounded up the options below. And just remember: “Take time to research options and follow your heart,” says Tucker. “Just like a marriage, you and your ring will be partners for a long time.”

HILARY SHEINBAUM. Special to amNewYork