Your voice, your viewpoint: An open call to NYC students to speak out

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About 500 protestors marched from Washington Square Park and other locations to Foley Square and then to Wall Street this Saturday afternoon. (Photo by Todd Maisel)

Schneps Media and the Claire Friedlander Foundation want to hear your voice and your viewpoint on your experiences with racism. 

Beginning Thursday, Aug. 20, middle and high school students will be invited to submit paragraphs, videos, poems or any other expressive medium you feel captures your experiences. 

Our goal is to have you share your thoughts on the current moment, marked by the fight for racial justice and the end of systemic racism. 

We are encouraging students, our future leaders, to share not only their thoughts and feelings about their experiences, but also to share their ideas on how to end racism. 

Students can either choose from the following prompts or choose to submit work beyond the prompts, but still related to the overall goal of sharing your voice and your viewpoint.

  • I experienced racism when…

  • I’ve fought against racism by…

  • I was racially profiled when…

  • My first experience with racism was when…

Submissions can take one of two forms, virtual or written. 

Virtual entries can be submitted, either by email or by using the hashtag #YourVoiceYourViewpoint on social media including Instagram or TikTok. Video entries can be emailed to YourVoiceYourViewpoint@schnepsmedia.com

Written entries, which should be no more than 250 words, should be emailed to YourVoiceYourViewpoint@schnepsmedia.com with the subject line “Your Voice, Your Viewpoint.” Please include your name, age and school when submitting your work. 

Submissions will be published in Schneps Media’s multiple platforms of print, digital and broadcasting. 

Three middle school students and three high school students will be awarded monetary prizes by a panel of Queensborough Community College students. Regardless of whether you are chosen for the cash prize, your voice will be heard and your work will be published. 

Submissions will be accepted through Friday, Sept. 25, and winners of the cash prize will be announced on Thursday, Oct. 1. You can submit entries beginning Aug. 20 by email to YourVoiceYourViewpoint@schnepsmedia.com.

Schneps Media is the parent company of amNewYork Metro.