Manhattan Assembly Calls For Greater NYCHA Funding

The Grant Houses were the leaders in roach complaints in 2019. (Photo via Wikipedia Commons)

By Grant Lancaster

A report from the Manhattan Assembly strongly requests permanent state funding for the New York City Housing Authority to crucial needs identified by tenants.

The report is based on tenant responses to town halls in October and November, and covers problems tenants are facing such as unaddressed plumbing issues for months and tenant complaints ignored at other meetings with NYCHA officials.

The authors of the report call for improved communication from NYCHA officials in addition to more permanent funding from the state to support timely repairs for crucial services like heat and plumbing.

“Written prior to the COVID-19 State of Emergency, the pandemic further highlights that, for over 400,000 NYCHA tenants in substandard housing, the public housing crisis is a public health crisis,” said Assembly Member Richard N. Gottfried, the dean and Chair of the Manhattan Assembly Delegation. “New York State can act now with serious funding commitments and lead the way towards the restoration of NYCHA.”

Members of the Manhattan Assembly have introduced bills to raise revenue to meet NYCHA’s needs, which are estimated to be from $31-40 billion, according to the report.

“NYCHA will continue to fall into deep disrepair unless New York State expands its re-investment effort, an effort that will pressure our federal and city partners to do the same,” said Assembly Member Robert J. Rodriguez.

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