Not since O.J. Simpson conquered the role of Detective Nordberg in “The Naked Gun” have sports and comedy come together as in “12 Angry Mascots.”

The monthly show at Comix, created by writers Neil Janowitz and Scott Rogowsky, combines comedy sketches with athlete guest appearances.

amNewYork spoke with the comics, who taped a pilot of the show for ESPN in January.

How did the show come about?
NJ: Scott and I were put in touch through ESPN. We started talking about comedy and some of our aspirations. He proposed the idea of the show, and we realized that between pooling his comedy resources and experience and my sports resources and total inexperience we could come up with a pretty solid variety show.

Do you have a favorite guest athlete?
NJ: I like how game Darrelle Revis was. David Diehl of the Giants was also very game. He did a bit about Brett Favre, but Darrelle was more jovial.

Who would you most like to have on the show?
SR: I want to get someone like [former Carolina Panther] Rae Carruth, someone who’s rotting in prison for [conspiring to murder] his girlfriend. To me those are the most intriguing characters.
NJ: We’ll get Plaxico [Burress] on the way out.