5th teen charged in Brooklyn gang rape at gunpoint, NYPD says

A fifth teen has been arrested and charged with a gang rape at gunpoint in a Brooklyn playground last week, police said.

Travis Beckford, 17; Denzel Murray, 14; Shaquell Cooper, 15; Ethan Phillip, 15; and Onandi Brown, 17, all face charges of rape by forcible compulsion, sex abuse and two counts of a criminal sex act, a police statement said. All five of the teens are from Brooklyn.

The rape happened in the evening of Jan. 7, when the 18-year-old victim was with her father at Osborn Playground, near Lott Avenue and Osborne Street, the NYPD said.

Cops said they were approached by five teens, one armed with a gun, who pointed it at her father and told him to leave the area.

Each raped the young woman and then fled when the victim’s dad returned with two uniformed police officers, authorities said.

The victim was treated at Kings County Hospital, and police released surveillance footage from a nearby bodega.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the local community should have learned of the rape sooner, and that he did not learn about it until Sunday.

But NYPD spokesperson Stephen Davis said that there was “no delay in responding to the rape in the 73 Precinct.”

There was a 5.3% increase in rapes reported to the NYPD in 2015.

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