A D.C. protest potpourri


Last weekend’s protest on the Mall in Washington, D.C., saw a heavy turnout by union members. Some, however, said they would have liked to have seen less stumping for the Democratic Party and more opposition voiced to America’s wars overseas. Clockwise from top left: Death appeared to be leaning strongly Republican; a member of the group Food Not Bombs dispensed a free meal to protesters; Vlad Teichberg of the Glass Bead Collective was at it again — this time projecting a seal with the words “Federal Bureau of Intimidation” on the F.B.I. Building; An Abe Lincoln look-alike posted himself outside the Lincoln Memorial. East Village activist and photographer John Penley, who traveled to D.C. with Food Not Bombs, wound up helping Teichberg with the visual “culture jam” of the F.B.I. Building; he called it one of the best actions he’s ever participated in. F.B.I. police checked out what they were doing, but didn’t stop them from beaming their F.B.I. spoof seal on the edifice. Penley said he’s sure a law will be made to ban the practice. Last month, Teichberg projected images onto the “Ground Zero Mosque.”