Faced with a slow Saturday night, an NYU studio art major decided to craft an origami-like Valentine to his favorite newspaper -- amNewYork.

Using about four copies of the weekend amNewYork paper, which serendipitously featured a rendering of Edvard Munch's famous painting, "The Scream," on its cover, Christopher Minafo created a tiered ballgown with futuristic angles that referenced the poufy, bustle-y frocks of the 1880s.

"You're a strong paper!" enthused Minafo, 19, noting that once he crafted straps "it held the whole thing up ... I was very surprised by how much it can hold." Blue painter's tape helped to serve as seams in some places.

There was never any doubt about which paper the Stuyvesant Town resident would use for his wearable sculpture: "I love that you guys are always current and not just about politics. You have things for young people like the Grammys -- and you're always around." Too, he conceded that free is his favorite price and we qualify as "a clean medium," which left little ink behind on his fingers. The paper is also "a good size," he said.

Minafo created the gown directly on the body of his friend, Seton Hall student Erin Burke, 19. "I had to cut her out of it," trying to keep his creation "in the best shape I could," Minafo recounted.

Minafo, who is partial to creating "realistic style paintings" (you can see more of his work on Instagram at @thephotorealist) said he read amNewYork online and in print. "You lose reception down there," he said of the subways, but the print edition is a permanent thing of beauty.