A New York City assemblyman interrupted Gov. Andrew M Cuomo’s State of the State message Wednesday and was escorted out as he berated the governor about poverty.

Assemb. Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn) stepped into the aisle in front of Cuomo as the governor listed the state’s accomplishments at the start of the speech at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center.

“You’re wrong! You’re wrong!” Barron said, challenging the governor on urban school funding.

“Let me finish, then you’ll have your turn,” Cuomo said.

Barron continued to yell. “This is not real. This is not real,” he said. “Come to the neighborhoods, where poverty is high.”

Barron continued to shout as he was led out, to boos from the audience.

Cuomo kept speaking, saying: “Just because you yell doesn’t mean you’re right!”

Outside the conference center, Barron said he planned the disruption. He also said he was free to go back in if he wanted.

He was motivated, he said, because Cuomo had not done enough to fund education or find permanent housing for the homeless.

With Michael Gormley