Bernie Sanders’ Brooklyn headquarters: Gowanus office is ‘heart and soul’ of New York operations

“We have a history of coming from behind, closing those gaps and sometimes pulling out a win,” Symone Sanders said.

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Photo Credit: Jamie Reysen
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Photo Credit: Jamie Reysen

Bernie Sanders, the son of a Polish immigrant, was raised in Midwood, and his family didn’t have much growing up; this is part of what shaped his views, particularly on economic inequality and the importance of opportunity for hardworking families, Symone Sanders said.

“Sen. Sanders is speaking directly from the knowledge that he has of his upbringing, and I think that makes it authentic, that makes it real, that’s the reason voters can connect with him . . . because Sen. Sanders is telling it like it is, and he’s being very authentic, and he’s standing up for what he believes in.”

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Photo Credit: Jamie Reysen

Bernie Sanders is “campaigning like a Brooklynite” right here in New York City.

Last month, the Sanders campaign opened its New York state headquarters on Eighth Street in Gowanus. amNewYork stopped by on April 9 for a tour of the office, where we spoke with national press secretary Symone Sanders (no relation) about the campaign, the presidential hopeful and the way his Brooklyn upbringing has shaped his politics.

The unassuming headquarters are marked by a few “Bernie 2016” posters and banners on the gate and building’s exterior.

Inside, more than a dozen people worked on laptops, surrounded by campaign art and newspaper clippings – including two amNewYork covers – that are posted on the walls. Bagels aplenty, Temp Tee cream cheese, Skittles and Twizzlers were among the snacks up for grabs for hungry volunteers, many of whom spend most of their time canvassing in New York’s streets, Symone Sanders said.

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