Big police presence in Kips Bay after armed disturbed man gets in standoff with cops

NYPD inflate a tarp to prevent an emotionally disturbed man, who barricaded himself in his 14th floor apartment, from committing suicide on April 12th.
Photo by Dean Moses

Police engaged in an armed standoff with a disturbed man inside his apartment at a Kips Bay high-rise on Monday afternoon. 

Dozens of NYPD cars from the 13th Precinct arrived at the scene on 344 East 28th St. at about 3:30 p.m. on April 12, where a man, identified as Luis Gonzalez, who was armed with a firearm, locked himself in his apartment.  

According to police sources, hostage negotiators were on the scene trying to create a dialogue with the man and ease tensions.  

Just outside of the complex, the individual’s brother, Demetri Gonzalez, who also resides within the same apartment, found out about the incident through the Citizen app as he voyaged home from work.

“I tried calling him on his phone but nothing. He’s not answering. I can’t even get upstairs. They have the whole 14th floor shutdown right now,” Demetri Gonzalez said, distraught. He shared that his father recently died after a three-year battle with colon cancer and since then the family has been stressed. 

“I’m just worried about him,” Demetri Gonzalez said, learning that officers may break down the door to his apartment to get to his brother. “We’ve been telling him to get therapy,” he added. 

NYPD donned shields, helmets, and vests as they entered 344 East 28th Street. Photo by Dean Moses

Also residing in the apartment is their mother who was told to remain in an exit stairwell while officers handled the situation. Police could be observed entering with a canine unit, adorning shields and firearms. 

NYPD Emergency Service Units blocked off the area and began inflating an airbag, concerned that Luis Gonzalez might leap from his apartment window. Soon thereafter glass objects were flung from the window, narrowly missing officers below.

A canine unit was also called in. Photo by Dean Moses

Members of the NYPD then rushed inside. According to Demetri Gonzalez, NYPD had him him help coax his brother out of the apartment.

Luis was then transported to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation.

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