Billy Joel joined Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on a memorial motorcycle ride Friday, retracing the route firefighters from Rescue 1 took from midtown to Ground Zero on Sept. 11 -- 14 years ago today.

They led a group of riders, including police officers from Nassau and Suffolk counties, down the West Side Highway.

Earlier, Cuomo and Joel joined Vice President Joe Biden at the Rescue 1 station in Manhattan, where they greeted a crowd, many of them first responders.

All three men were given navy FDNY baseball caps.

At a ceremony there, Cuomo said of the first responders, "They are true American heroes They are true New York heroes."

Biden talked about the dangers faced at Ground Zero, saying, "They went ahead anyway. They died alongside many other heroes. You became the face of resolve for all Americans.

"God bless the memory of the heroes we lost."

Rescue 1 was decimated on Sept. 11, 2001, losing nearly half of its company that day.