A lot of New Yorkers may not miss former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but they do miss his management skills.

A new poll finds that while a majority of adult New Yorkers believe Mayor Bill de Blasio cares more about people like them, his management chops aren't up to par with his predecessor.

Results of the poll, which were released Thursday, found that 48% of New Yorkers surveyed felt Bloomberg managed the city better than de Blasio, who was chosen by just 34%.

It also found that 54% of New Yorkers surveyed don't miss Bloomberg at City Hall. However, 52% said de Blasio cared more about people like them than Bloomberg (27%)

Baruch College of Survey Research conducted the City Poll for NY1 News from Feb 4 to 8. A random sample of 804 adults were contacted by landline or cell phone.

The poll also found that 80% of adult New Yorkers believed that Gov. Andrew Cuomo made the right decision to suspend the subway system on Jan. 26 ahead of a snowstorm that was forecast to be a blizzard but only swiped the city. But 63% said Cuomo erred by failing to consult with de Blasio before making the call to shut down the system.