Boy Scouts to hire gay man for camps for summer 2015, according to report

The Boy Scouts of America changed their policy against youth members in 2013.

An out gay man has been hired to work in a Boy Scout camp this summer for the first time, according to a BuzzFeed article published on Thursday.

The Greater New York Councils of Boy Scouts confirmed they had hired Pascal Tessier, although the Boy Scouts of America has maintained its ban on hiring gay adults.

In 2013, the national Boy Scouts of America changed its membership policies to allow gay youth members. Tessier was one of the first to make Eagle Scout under the new policy.

According to Buzzfeed, Tessier has hired lawyer David Boies (who is one of the lawyers who challenged gay marriage bans in California and Virginia) to represent him.

Richard Mason, a board member of the Greater New York Councils told BuzzFeed “we don’t discriminate on the baiss of sexual orientation. So we’ve accepted his application on the merits.”

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