Brooklyn Democratic party boss Frank Seddio is ready for his close up on Sunday.

Seddio, the head of the Kings County Democratic Party, will have a cameo playing himself on CBS' "The Good Wife" this Sunday, chatting up Alicia Florrick, the character played by Juliana Margulies, about her possible run for state attorney in Chicago.

"I do a cameo, about six lines," Seddio, 67, told The New York Observer.

Seddio, who has held his political king-making post since 2012, told the paper he rehearsed his role for "two solid weeks" and that being filmed on the show taught him to be more alert to the nuances of camera angles.

Seddio's scene was filmed Aug. 26 at a stage in Greenpoint, said a representative for Seddio, who noted that Brooklyn, with about 1 million registered Democrats, rivals Chicago's Cook County for the most Democratic voters in the U.S.

Seddio, who still practices law in Brooklyn and was in court Wednesday, was paid about $800 scale and donated the money to a neighborhood charity, Mercy Home for Children in Canarsie, said the rep.

"It's the most amazing thing in the whole world. I've done a thousand things in my life and this stupid appearance, I've gotten more calls about than anything," the former assemblyman told The Observer..

Mayor Bill de Blasio and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg have also taken cameo turns on the suspenseful "warts and all" political drama.