The Brooklyn Zine Fest is a celebration of self-published magazines that often focus intently on a singular subject. The festival features 150 exhibitors over two days on April 26 and 27. Attendees can meet the creators of zines, listen in on panel discussions or just mix with the crowd.

Here are seven zines made in New York City to check out if you go.

Yo, Miss — A Graphic Look At High School

Lisa Wilde, who created
Lisa Wilde, who created "Yo Miss," says the story "take the reader inside Wildcat Academy, a second chance high school in New York City where all the students are considered at-risk." It's based on her 16 years of teaching at the school. (Credit: Lisa Wilde)


Adam J. Kurtz, creator of
Adam J. Kurtz, creator of "HOME-BREW," says each issue comes with custom trinkets that relate to the themes of the zine. (Credit: Adam J. Kurtz)

Instant Rabbit

"Instant Rabbit" is by three artists from Korea: Boyeon Choi, Hyejin Chung, and Hyunyoung Kiim. Each quarterly issue explores a topic of interest to the creators. (Credit: Tumblr/Instant Rabbit)



The Brighton Beach Coney Island Local

The creator of The Brighton Beach Coney Island
The creator of The Brighton Beach Coney Island Local calls it "sequential art." "There are pages based on conversations I hear on the train, illustrations of subway stops, also a comic strip based on the don't become a statistic ads on the subway," said Bodger Millerd in a statement made available by the festival organizers. (Credit: Bodger Millerd)

Garden of the Womanimal

"Garden of the Womanimal" is an exhibition zine created by Caroline Paquita for her first one-woman show at the Brooklyn Artists Alliance gallery in Greenpoint. (Credit: Caroline Paquita)

Carnage NYC

Carnage NYC documents street art in the five
Carnage NYC documents street art in the five boroughs and around the world. Issue number 7 will be released ahead of the Brooklyn Zine Fest in a batch of 600 with screen-printed covers. The issue focuses on MAYHEM, a crew from New York and New Jersey. (Credit: Carnage NYC)

East Village Inky

"East Village Inky" is a long-running publication (now on issue 54) by Ayun Halliday. Inky is a black-and-white, handwritten publication "in which the Hoosier-born mother of two native New Yorkers manages to issue forth yet another quarterly installment of their New York City lives." (Credit: Ayun Halliday)