The black Labrador that traveled the country with accused child molester Charles Mozdir had been stolen, police said Wednesday.

The dog, Lucky, will be held at the 6th Precinct in the West Village until the rightful owner comes to pick him up, police said, adding they know who the owners are and that they will retrieve him "soon."

The precinct, which took custody of Lucky Wednesday, has the facilities to care for him in the meantime. It was unclear where Lucky was in the days since the shooting.

Mozdir, 32, took Lucky with him when he went on the run after allegedly abusing a child in Coronado, California.

Mozdir was shot and killed Monday when U.S. marshals and an NYPD detective tried to arrest him inside the West Village smoke shop where he worked.

The detective and two U.S. marshals were injured in the shooting but have since been released from the hospital.

Wednesday afternoon, Lucky was wagging his tail and in seemingly good spirits outside the precinct on West 10th Street.

Several neighbors in the East Village apartment building where Mozdir lived remembered him walking a black Labrador.