City Council OKs plan for more affordable units to Domino development

Construction is slated for December.

The City Council has approved an updated plan to redevelop the site of the former Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg.

The council OK’d changes Wednesday night to add 700 permanently affordable apartments and retail space to the three-million square foot project by a 47-0 vote.

In March, Mayor Bill de Blasio came to an agreement with developers on a long-awaited plan that will include 2,200 housing units, 480,000 square feet of office space, 110,000 square feet of retail space, 143,000 square feet of community facilities and a school.

“The agreement on the project at the Domino Sugar site will build on the gains made by the de Blasio Administration to maximize affordable housing and open space to the Williamsburg community,” Councilman Stephen Levin said in a statement.

Construction is slated for December.

Ivan Pereira