Cornell Tech invests in at-home ‘Invention Box’ for Kingsbridge students during COVID-19

Photo Courtesy of Cornell Tech

Teachers are getting creative to keep kids engaged in their computational learning during COVID-19.

Cornell Tech, which has a K-12 initiative aimed at preparing the next generation for the digital age, has developed an interactive at-home lesson with a materials box sent to a class of third graders at P.S. 86, at 2756 Reservoir Ave. in Kingsbridge.

Kelly Powers, who is Cornell Tech’s teacher-in-residence, created this initiative at P.S. 86. Knowing that many kids in the Bronx don’t have the luxury of having computers, Powers knew a hands-on project using nature and science would be fun and beneficial.

“Some students don’t have devices,” Powers said. “We’ve been blown away with their success.”

The K-12 Initiative at Cornell Tech is working with teachers to increase the number of students learning about computer science in elementary, middle and high schools. In 2018, it worked with 3,500 K-12 students, 150 K-12 teachers and four Cornell teachers-in-residence.

The “Nature Inspired Robot” series allows students to make animal-like robots by using their computational skills and the materials provided by Cornell Tech. The Invention Box has 15 items that includes everything from straws to pipe cleaners and rubber bands.

Powers told the Bronx Times students are learning about everything from problem solving to algorithms and more. They are even calling into the group zooms from everywhere like a construction site with their father, Puerto Rico and their grandmother’s house.

This story first appeared on bxtimes.com.

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