Coyote spotted and captured in Chelsea

It didn’t cause any damage or injuries.

Coyotes have apparently taken a liking to the Big Apple.

Officers safely captured a coyotet West 28th Street and Ninth Avenue around 8:30 a.m. and gave it to Animal Care & Control. The animal was near the Church of the Holy Apostles, but didn’t cause any damage or hurt anyone.

“We were able to open our soup kitchen this morning and serve our meals on time,” a spokeswoman for the church said.

The city’s parks department worked with Animal Care and Control and found the 2-year-old animal was in good health. The coyote will be released in a special wilderness preserve in the Bronx, according to the parks department.

“Our Urban Park Rangers are coordinating with AC&C staff to facilitate the release [Tuesday],” the agency said in a statement.

 The Chelsea coyote marks the fourth coyote sighting in the city this year.

One was found at Riverside Drive between 72nd and 79th Streets on Jan. 10. The police tranquilized the animal and later released it in the Bronx.

About two weeks later, cops captured another animal in Stuy town. On March 30, a coyote was spotted on the roof of LIC Bar in Queens but fled the authorities.

It isn’t known if the Chelsea coyote is that fugitive.

Ivan Pereira