Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo unexpectedly has canceled an Albany swearing-in ceremony slated for late Wednesday and will spend New Year’s Eve in New York City with his ailing father and his family.

The governor’s father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo, has been in ill-health and recently spent a month in a New York City hospital with a heart condition.

The current governor, as of Wednesday morning, was set to be sworn-in around 9:30 p.m. in Albany. But the change of plans was announced just minutes after Cuomo and his longtime girlfriend, Sandra Lee, finished hosting their annual open house at the Executive Mansion, just blocks away from the State Capitol, on Wednesday afternoon. An administration official said the change was made after the governor decided to spend the holiday with his family.

Instead of a swearing-in ceremony, Cuomo merely signed his oath of office and submitted it to the Secretary of State, as legally required.

Cuomo is scheduled to deliver an inaugural address to kick off his second four-year term at the World Trade Center on Thursday.