Dan Perino is finding that the path to love in New York City is strewn with many obstacles. Sex is apparently not one of them.

The 51-year-old man who famously distributed thousands of fliers throughout Manhattan bearing his picture, phone number and the plea that he was “looking for a girlfriend” back in the fall has apparently had no problem getting “hook-ups” after his guerrilla-style campaign.

Perino, whom we first wrote about back in August, claims to have gone on hundreds of dates and, well, scored: “I’ve had … hook-ups with 118 girls, but the dating is a lot more than that,” he tells news.com.au.

Perino had previously complained that too many responses to his personal ad came from people wanting to post about their “dates” on social media as bragging rights. He was also, he said at the time, astonished that so many “bimbo-type girls” just want to “take pictures.”

He’s gotten so much attention for his girlfriend-seeking, that he’s launched an Indiegogo campaign to make a documentary about it.

Just as a reminder, in case you are one of those love-seeking ladies, Perino has said he is looking for a partner in her 20s or 30s, definitely not someone his own age. And forget about it if you knew him in high school but, suddenly attracted by his celebrity status, might want to go for one of those purported “hook-ups”: He’s got words for you.

“I couldn't get laid back in high school,” he posted on Twitter. “So to the girls I wanted to hook up with then. Are coming out of the woodwork. No you are to[o] old.”