DNA test for a mystery man


James O’Donnell, dubbed the “International Man of Mystery” by the tabloids, appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court last Thurs., Jan. 27. O’Donnell was arrested early last year on St. Mark’s Place when police found a knife in his belt and a gun with a silencer in his backpack. Police subsequently found more weapons in a storage locker. Prosecutors are unsure if James O’Donnell is even the man’s real name. O’Donnell was brought back to court again last week for a judge to rule on taking a DNA swab. DNA was found on the weapons from the storage locker, and prosecutors want to compare it to O’Donnell’s. Judge Bart Stone asked O’Donnell’s attorney, Howard Simmons, if O’Donnell would provide a swab voluntarily or if the court would have to use a force order. Without waiting for his attorney to reply, O’Donnell spoke out, with a slight Irish accent, “Use a force order.” The judge said the order would take effect in five days. With DNA identification taking 30 days, the judge scheduled the next hearing on the matter for early March. O’Donnell remains in custody.

Jefferson Siegel