Dog found in Brooklyn with mouth taped shut ready for adoption

Saint Vincent will be cared for by New York Bully Crew while he awaits his furrever home.

A dog that was found in a trash bag in Brooklyn last month got a new “leash on life” Friday after being discharged from the animal hospital that rehabilitated him.

Saint Vincent, a shepherd mix who is believed to be between 10 and 12 years old, has been in the care of Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group North since he was discovered in a garbage bag with his mouth taped shut near Jackie Robinson Parkway and Pennsylvania Avenue in East New York on Dec. 19.

Dr. Brett Levitzke, medical director of VERG, said a battery of tests they performed, including X-rays and an MRI of his spine, showed Saint Vincent’s injuries were a direct result of neglect and abuse. The VERG team immediately began treating the dog, stabilizing his critical condition with fluids, antibiotics and a pain management plan.

“We’re happy to report that Saint Vincent is no longer in the ICU, he’s now walking and he’ll be able to go home later today,” Levitzke said in an emailed statement earlier on Friday. “Fortunately for him his condition, while severe, did not require surgery.”

The NYPD and ASPCA are still investigating Saint Vincent’s case and no arrests have been made, according to VERG. Anyone with information on Saint Vincent’s owner is urged to contact either agency.

Now on the road to recovery, Saint Vincent was placed in the care of Craig Fields, the founder of the New York Bully Crew rescue group, which is processing adoption applications.

“Our job now is to continue the healing process that VERG put into motion and to ensure a continuous safe environment for Saint Vincent to flourish and find the perfect home for him to finally settle into and receive unconditional love and nurturing,” Fields said.

The organization is still accepting adoption applications. Anyone interested should visit, nybullycrew.org.

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