Dog owners warned to be ‘vigilant’ after pup swallows sandwich studded with nails in Fort Tryon Park

A dog was recovering after it ate a sandwich studded with nails in an upper Manhattan park, according to its vet.

The pup, Murphy, was rushed into emergency surgery on Wednesday after she ate part of the sandwich, according to the Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital.

The owner and Murphy were in Fort Tryon Park in Fort George when Murphy picked up the sandwich. The owner was able to wrest it away from her, but immediately saw it was filled with straight pins, according to the vet.

An X-ray showed that Murphy had eaten several of them.

Murphy was doing well on Thursday and “depending how things continues to go, the doctors think she may go home tomorrow,” the vet wrote on Facebook.

“Please help spread the word that there is someone monstrous out there deliberately trying to harm dogs, or even a hungry person who might find an entire uneaten sandwich, still in its wrapping,” Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital posted on Facebook. “Owners should be on the lookout for anything that their pet may pick up off the ground — it only takes seconds for them to eat it before it can be taken away.”

The Fort Tryon Sir William Dog Run, which helps maintain the dog park, warned owners in a Facebook post to be “be vigilant,” keep dogs on a leash and avoid garbage cans and piles of garbage.