Downtown art space For Uptown college

Downtown Express photos by Sam Spokony
Downtown Express photos by Sam Spokony

Renzo Ortega, below, and Chris Charbonneau were among 150 Hunter College art students who welcomed visitors into their new Tribeca studios on Nov. 25. The second, third and fourth floors of the 205 Hudson St. building are now home to the college’s M.F.A. Studio Art program, and are lined with small-but-inspired spaces in which students can fully devote themselves to their craft.

Visitors were able to tour the studios following a ribbon cutting ceremony that night. Ortega, 39, who is originally from Peru, said that he likes the new space just because it makes him feel comfortable while working.

“I can really concentrate in here,” he explained, “and since all the students are close, it’s easy for us to share our work with each other.”