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Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton debate in Brooklyn: Drink along!

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton should provide many

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton should provide many drinkable moments on Thursday night. Photo Credit: Getty Images / Joe Raedle

Bernie and Hillary face off in Brooklyn on Thursday, April 14 at 9 p.m.

You probably weren't able to get tickets to see it live, but congratulations, you can drink along instead! 

Get your six-pack ready, here are our rules for drinking through the New York Democratic Debate. 


Drink when ...

... Bernie recalls growing up in Brooklyn. 

...  Hillary refers to herself as a New Yorker. 

... Anyone says "future." 

... A candidate makes a "Hamilton" reference.

... Someone gets interrupted. 

... #NewYorkValues are relevant. 

... HIllary's subway ride or Bernie's subway tokens are discussed. 

... Anyone says "socialism." 

... You're tempted to check Trump's Twitter feed.

... You fact check (i.e. Google) one of the candidate's comments. 

... You decide to change who you're voting for on Tuesday. 

... Anything a candidate says confirms why you are or are not voting for him or her. 


Cheers to Democracy! 


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