Outgoing NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Wednesday dismissed Donald Trump’s claim to be the law-and-order presidential candidate, saying in an MSNBC interview, “I wonder if Mr. Trump’s ever taken a punch in his life.”

The commissioner, who will cap a 45-year career in policing when he leaves his post next month, slammed the GOP presidential nominee on “Morning Joe” for saying crime is on the rise in big cities.

“He talks tough, but I think I know a little bit about law and order and policing,” Bratton said. “I would not trust that he’d be able to do much about that, being quite frank with you. Cities aren’t spiraling out of control.”

Bratton added: “I always wonder about tough guys. He talks tough, but I wonder if Mr. Trump’s ever taken a punch in his life.”

Bratton, a Vietnam War veteran, was also asked about the candidate’s remarks after receiving a Purple Heart medal as a token from a supporter Tuesday at a Virginia rally. “I always wanted a Purple Heart. This was much easier,” Trump had said of the honor bestowed on military personnel wounded in combat.

Bratton responded: “I was appalled by it, being quite frank with you, appalled. The Purple Heart, along with the medals for bravery, highest awards you can give … The idea to treat it so lightly, I’m amazed.”

A Trump spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.