Chelsea Clinton may have made a Freudian slip when she referred to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders as "President Sanders."

Clinton was speaking to supporters of her mother Hillary Clinton about the presidential election and issues such as college tuition and legal immunity for gunmakers in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, when she misspoke.

"We also have to strip away the immunity that President Sanders..." she said. Clinton quickly corrected the mistake while shifting in her chair as the audience laughed. "Excuse me, Senator Sanders. I hope not President Sanders!"

Chelsea Clinton's name started trending on social media as a result of the slip.

"This is so telling, in so many ways..." Facebook user Bryon Gliem said.

"Maybe, in her heart, she wants her Mama to stay home and be a Grandmama..." Julie Merrill-Quinn said on Facebook.

The former first daughter shouldn't be so quick to count her mother out after Clinton won the Iowa caucuses earlier this week, albeit narrowly.