Election Day is finally here, and it has certainly been a campaign season we won’t forget. 

Once you’ve cast your vote for the next president -- as well as your representatives, senators and local politicians -- play this drinking game while watching the results come in:

-If the news channel you’re watching uses the breaking news banner to announce every state, drink.

-If you get tired of hearing people talk about exit polls, drink.

-When one of the swing states is called (see list here), drink.

-If your friends start talking about moving to Canada, drink.

-If your polling location doesn’t give out stickers that say “I voted,” drink.

-If Donald Trump tweets about winning before the results are in, drink.

-If Trump tweets that the election is rigged, drink.

-If you’re still seeing campaign ads during commercial breaks, drink.

-If your favorite celebrity shares a picture of themselves voting, drink.

-If you get tired of hearing the number 270, drink.

-If your state goes to the candidate you didn’t vote for, drink.

-If the election is too close to call, chug.

When it's finally over, whether the candidate you voted for wins or not, drink some water and take public transportation home.