Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent with appeal to moderate voters, will endorse Hillary Clinton for president later this week at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, his team said Sunday.

The billionaire media mogul, who might be able to influence swing voters to back Clinton’s campaign, will deliver prime-time remarks Wednesday on the convention stage, said spokesman Marc La Vorgna and senior adviser Howard Wolfson.

“As the nation’s leading independent and a pragmatic business leader, Mike has supported candidates from both sides of the aisle,” Wolfson, who was a deputy mayor under Bloomberg, said in a statement. “This week in Philadelphia, he will make a strong case that the clear choice in this election is Hillary Clinton.”

Bloomberg is a former Democrat who served three terms as mayor. He was elected as a Republican but left the party during his second term and ran for a third term as an independent.

He decided this past March against his own third-party bid for the White House.

Hunter College professor emeritus Kenneth Sherrill said a Bloomberg nod will encourage contributions to Clinton’s coffers.

“It doesn’t so much help her with voters as it helps her with donors,” Sherrill said. “He’s widely respected in the donor class, particularly in the financial community and the tech community.”

The former mayor will speak on the same night as Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama.

Bloomberg has criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as running the “most divisive and demagogic presidential campaign I can remember.”

Clinton spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri told the New York Times that Bloomberg will serve as “a unique and important voice that lays out the choice in this election.”