Mayoral hopeful Nicole Malliotakis filed a public records request on Wednesday demanding the city release documents detailing the amount spent on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s out of state trips — including his recent visit to Germany to lead a G-20 summit protest.

“Taxpayers deserve to know,” said Malliotakis, the presumptive GOP nominee, at a news conference outside city hall. She also cast the Democratic mayor as shirking his local responsibilities in favor of promoting himself abroad.

In a one-page letter to the de Blasio administration, filed under the state’s Freedom of Information Law, Malliotakis, a state assemblywoman from Staten Island, requested the mayor’s office provide details on how much money the city has spent on security, lodging and travel for the mayor’s 21 trips since taking office in 2014.

De Blasio has previously said that some of the trips, including the Germany jaunt, were paid for in part by the groups that have invited him to speak at events, but those sponsorships did not cover the costs associated with his security detail.

The mayor’s campaign spokeswoman, Monica Klein, defended de Blasio’s trip, saying in a statement it occurred “mainly over a weekend that followed all previous NYPD security protocols of past travel for this mayor and others.”

Klein said Malliotakis “wants to force attention away from her support for President Trump.”

Malliotakis has said she voted for Donald Trump for president, though she endorsed Marco Rubio during the GOP primary.

The NYPD, which picks up the cost of protecting the mayor, has routinely denied requests made by reporters seeking the price tag for each trip, citing security concerns.

Asked if he would release the travel records, de Blasio, speaking at a news conference in Queens, said he would continue to defer to the NYPD’s policy.

“I entirely respect the judgment of the NYPD and how they provide information related to security, and what they choose not to provide,” de Blasio said.

Malliotakis said the mayor’s trips, including heading to Hamburg a day after an NYPD officer was fatally shot in the Bronx, show his “disinterest in doing his job.”

“He has basically told New Yorkers that he is trying to play them for fools ... that they are going to re-elect him because he has a Democratic label next to his name, regardless of what he does,” Malliotakis said. “If he’s acting like this during an election year, you can only imagine ... if he gets re-elected, how he will behave for the next four years.”