Ever since the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon debate brought presidential candidates to television screens in homes throughout the United States, Americans have been able to critique the appearance of their future leader.

As the nation gets ready to watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off again on Wednesday, we had Brooklyn stylist Liz Teich — who has worked with Mike Tyson, Nicky Hilton and the cast of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” — style outfits that will help the candidates appeal to the toughest fashion critics: millennial voters.


“I’d love to see him wearing pieces that support businesses in America, as he keeps mentioning that we need to bring more jobs back to the country,” Teich said. “There are so many great brands here in New York ... there’s no reason to be shopping from designers abroad when you make that point.”

Teich would put him in a Knot Standard suit, which is custom-tailored in NYC and “would make him look slimmer than his usual ill-fitting suits.” The style expert also recommends “a subtle pattern in this navy suit, which would look a bit hipper than his usual dull navy suits.” Another replacement for Trump’s China-made ties: a necktie by Brooklyn Tailors.

To show off a polished crisp white French-cuff shirt with his suit, Teich said Trump should consider showing a “rebellious side as a candidate with cheeky Deakin & Francis skull cufflinks.”


Blue, the color of the Democratic Party, “is seen as trustworthy and dependable,” Teich said. “While wearing red can make you appear powerful, it can also be seen as aggressive.”

Adhering to Clinton’s polished pantsuit style, Teich would put her in a Stella McCartney blazer but break up her typical monochromatic look by choosing a darker bottom, like a navy pant and a darker shell, like a trendy turtleneck top.

As a fun nod to her opponent, Teich would also put Clinton in Tiffany’s new smile earrings, a subtle smirk the candidate can make on stage.